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Yesterday marked my last exhibition this month. The final one in three exhibitions in one month time. And not just a simple exhibit in or near my place of residentce, but one in London, one in my hometown and the last one in Barcelona.

Exhibitions are awesome ways of getting your work out to the public. For years I’ve been an online entity with thousands of followers and fans, and lots of friendships have sprung from there. I always love meeting up with online contacts in an offline setting, getting to know and see them for real is so much more then just texting and messaging. It’s also why I decided to do photography, instead of sitting behind a computerscreen all the time.


Meeting people can be done by so many ways, and I’ve tried a few. I’ve met with friends through workshops, either by my own or by theirs. And I’m still very thankfull for meeting everyone there.
Photography meetups, where we plan a date at an event or just somewhere in a town and meetup and snap around some pics for fun. My next meetup will be end of May at the Amsterdam Color Run. That’s gonna be colorfull for sure 🙂

And then there’s exhibitions. Especially the ones where different artists are gathered. I don’t yet have a physicall body of work to have a solo exhibit, so I’m exhibiting alongside all kinds of different artists. This is new to me.


Yesterday was the Barcelona Showcase 2013 where I was selected to exhibit alongside more then 100 other artists from different fields.
In the beginning I was a bit nervous hanging my prints alongside all the other artist and a bit of insecurity snuck in. I focussed on getting my prints up as good as possible, avoiding gazes. This was off course quickly andeasily done and there I was, presenting my work to real life public viewing. Once that step was taken I felt all out and the feeling of insecurity went away as there was no turning back now. I finally had some time to take in the rest of the surroundings and look at the other artists and their work.

It was a hug pallette of different artworks and artists from all over the world. All with their own way of displaying and presenting their work. It felt good being there. Luckily I was backed up by my agent and best friend Jeroen, he managed to keep me calm and relaxed.
I decided to venture a bit around and from the start it was quite easy and chill to start a conversation with all the artist.
I’ve spoken with so many awesome people from so many different disciplines, getting to know their passions and way of working. Next to meeting these people and getting to know them, it was very helpfull in getting their view and take on exhibitions and getting their work around.
I always think networking is a hassle, but this was a fun way of doing it.20130428-152343.jpg

At the end of the day I had spoken with painters, sculptors, illustrators, 3D designers, talent scouts, VJ’s, agents, guys in yellow suits and a lot of onlookers who where interested in my work.
I even managed to loose all my Moo Business Cards, which people seem to love and collect.

Exhibitions are a great way to get your artwork out to the public, a good reason to travel, a great way to connect with people and give fans an oppurtunity to meet the artist.
They are costly, especially when exhibiting abroad. Getting prints in a good quality, and shipping them. If you don’t make a sale, it can feel like a waste, but don’t forget that people have seen it, got inspired and you meet and experience great and interesting people.

Check out some of the artists I liked and met:

Maxine Nienow
Dar Al Naim Mubarak Carmona
Ramiya Lakshman
Jan Huss
Brigitte Fattaccio
Lesia Pietri
Rusne Feiferiene
Eloise Govier